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Excerpt from Switching Sides

Ray took slow steps around the dance floor, his attention drifting from person to person until it stopped on a woman who danced on her own, arms wrapped around herself, head tilted down and her eyes half closed. A blue card was clipped to the hem of her short dress.

He remembered seeing her at the club before. He had a good memory for faces. He recalled watching her follow at least two different Doms into one of the play rooms, neither of whom he believed to be particularly attached to her; in any case, she wore no collar or other sign to show she had been claimed by anyone in particular. She wasn’t the only one who came to the club to satisfy her needs but who didn’t care to push things any further than that. It worked quite well for Ray’s purpose.

Stepping away from the periphery of the room, he walked to one of the armchairs placed around the dancing floor, directly opposite the woman. For the next few minutes, his gaze never left her as he waited, waited…


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Excerpt from Biting the Vampire

Darius slipped back into the water, settled down near me, and considered me for a moment.

“What gave me away?”

I gave an affected shrug.

“I told you, I’ve known a vampire before. And I have sort of a sixth sense in spotting you guys. You give me goose bumps.”

I rubbed my arms as though to demonstrate, although in truth I didn’t have goose bumps at that moment. I did like the way his eyes followed my movements, though.

“It’s a primordial reaction,” he said. “Hardwired into your mind for survival. You notice things subconsciously, and your fight-or-flight response puts it together even when you’re not aware of what you saw.”

On the one hand, it made perfect sense. On the other…

“Then why do I want to neither fight nor flee right now?” Continue reading…

Excerpt – Ensemble

Pleasure was already rising inside me, its flames growing stronger twice as fast with two mouths and two pairs of hands playing me like an instrument. It proved difficult, an exercise in self-control, but I managed to tug on their hair until they both lifted their mouths off me, their fingers stilling together against my pussy. I’d had enough standing sex the previous night. I wanted more than that.

“Bed,” I said very low, a command rather than a request. “Take your clothes off first.”

Releasing them, I pulled back and climbed onto the bed myself. I sat on the edge then moved upward to the center of the bed without taking my eyes off them, even when I leaned back on my elbows.

Apparently, Rachid didn’t like anyone undressing without his help, not just me. Oliver stood passive under his hands as Rachid tugged his tie loose, then unbuttoned his vest. While he turned away to set both on the chair in the corner of the room, Oliver unbuckled his belt.

Coming back to him, Rachid clucked his tongue and batted his hands away to undo Oliver’s trousers. He didn’t push them down, however, and instead tugged Oliver’s shirt out, unbuttoning it from the bottom up. There was an easiness to his gestures, a familiarity that hinted he’d done this very same thing many times before.

I could almost have felt like an intruder upon a private moment if, after throwing me a quick look, Rachid hadn’t guided Oliver slightly to the side where I had a better view once the shirt came off and revealed his chest. A twin of the silver ring that adorned Rachid’s left nipple gleamed on Oliver’s right, and under my watchful gaze, Rachid flicked it a few times with his thumb.

“Mmm, nice,” I purred. “Do you match everywhere?”

Rachid flashed me a smile that was pure deviousness. He slipped behind Oliver, both his arms encircling him so he could work at the fastenings of his pants over the obscene bulge that ruined their tailored line. Oliver gave out a tiny sigh but said nothing, allowing Rachid to slowly draw his cock out once he’d opened the zipper. As he pushed Oliver’s trousers and briefs down, leaving his cock to stand proud and erect in front of him, I purred again at the sight.

Oliver’s and Rachid’s intimate jewelry didn’t match, no, but they complemented each other. The ring threaded through the tip of Oliver’s cock was thicker than Rachid’s, while three thinner, smaller rings were lined down his sac, echoing the slim tabs that decorated Rachid’s. I had a chance to compare even better when Rachid undressed in record time—it seemed his ‘unwrapping presents’ theory only applied to others—and stood next to Oliver.

Their bodies were similar enough, broad-shouldered without being too imposing, with Rachid’s abs a little better defined, maybe. Next to Rachid’s olive complexion, Oliver seemed even paler, though it wasn’t the kind of pale that made one think of lack of sun or sickness; instead, his skin had the pale flawlessness of marble.

I thought Oliver’s cock might be a little longer, maybe, Rachid’s a little thicker, but I didn’t get to see them side by side unhindered for very long. Already, their bodies were turning toward each other, their arms wrapping around each other, and their mouths, which only moments ago had been focused entirely on me, were now sharing a sensual kiss.

… continued in Ensemble

Excerpt from Bloodchild

Under the light of the moon, each ripple on the lake seemed magnified. Aedan’s emotions felt the same way.

Sitting with his back to the slim trunk of a small tree, he watched Bradan by the side of the lake. He’d cleaned the blood off his face and neck, and was now washing his shirt.

Blood stains wouldn’t show on the black fabric. Bradan had said so when Aedan had told him to wash off the blood. What Bradan didn’t understand yet was that it wasn’t about stains. The issue was the smell.

After so many years, the scent of blood did not bother Aedan anymore, but he did remember his first days—his first years—as a vampire. Blood back then, whether the scent or sight, had always drawn out his fangs, made the hunger within him roar louder, and made it harder to resist his impulse to hunt and feed.

It would take time for Bradan to learn to control the hunger and himself. The trouble was, they did not have time. Continue reading…

Excerpt from No Crayons On The Front Line

Dear soldier,

Only two words in, and here I am, confronting a feeling of oddness as it occurs to me I don’t know to whom I should address this letter. I have written few letters in my life – and by letter, I mean actual letters, the kind where one puts ink and thoughts onto paper to share with another person – and every one of those actual letters went to someone I knew beforehand, someone whose face I could picture, someone who I was sure would be able to hear my voice when they read my words, who would know when I was trying to be humorous or understand references to a shared past. And so, I find it difficult to write to you today without knowing your name or age or even whether you like long missives or will already be bored by the time you reach this point. Continue reading…

Excerpt from His Sire’s New Rules

Many things had changed in Tyler’s life in the past couple of days, things he’d never imagined before he first entered Alan and Jeremy’s apartment.

He was still wrapping his mind around some of those changes, like the fact that he’d just fucked Jeremy. He’d never done that before, not on the giving end of the equation, and to have done it not with anyone but with Jeremy… He’d had Jeremy’s cock inside him many times, but he’d been sure the reverse would never be true. He’d made his peace with that. Now, he could only wonder whether he’d be allowed to do it again—and whether Jeremy would be permitted to come with him then.

Other things were a lot easier to get used to, like the guest bathroom and its shower, which dispensed apparently infinite amounts of hot water. Considering the house where Tyler lived with his squadron had water restrictions and a rotation schedule for showers, standing under the hot spray of water without worrying it might soon turn ice-cold was a luxury he quite enjoyed. Continue reading…

Excerpt from Anterograde

“You are a complete asshole,” Eli said as he stormed into Calden’s house. “Do you even realize that? Is that something you can comprehend?”

It took him no time to find Calden, sprawled on the sofa in his boxers and dressing gown, an arm curled over his face like a swooning regency heroine, his dark hair untamed and wild.

“I don’t know if I comprehend,” Calden said, his voice muffled by his elbow, “but I’ve been told often enough. What did I do this time?”

“What did—”

Eli bit back a curse and stood by the sofa. His glaring was completely lost on Calden, who still hid behind his arm.

“You know damn well what you did!” he exploded. Continue reading…

Excerpt from The Coward’s Way Out

I read all morning, stopping only for a quick lunch before returning to the library. I could have read elsewhere, I suppose, but I felt less lonely with Morgan nearby, even if we weren’t actually speaking. I was so engrossed in what I was reading that I barely realized what he meant when he stood in the doorway and said he was going out for a while. By the time I tore my eyes off the page to look up at him, he’d left. For a second, I almost felt guilty at having been rude, but it wasn’t like he needed my acknowledgment, let alone my permission, before going out.

I went back to the book and its sassy heroine; she, too, had been thrust into a world she hadn’t known existed, but at least one of the two men caring for her returned her feelings. Lucky her.

Once again, I lost myself in the story to the point that, when a voice rose from the doorway, I didn’t immediately react but instead finished the paragraph I was reading. When that voice repeated the same command in a much colder tone, I couldn’t ignore it anymore. And I knew, without looking up, who was there.

“Get your shoes off my chair, Angelina,” Irene had said. Continue reading…

Excerpt from A Kiss of Blood


Deidra finished tying the end of her braid with a leather lace before she turned to the door and offered Tristen a nod.

“I’m ready. Are you? Because today is the day I best you.”

He laughed and pushed away from the open door. He had been leaning against it for a little while, observing her as she brushed then braided her hair. A few of the other Childer had advised her to cut it short; that way, it wouldn’t get in her way while she fought. But Tristen hadn’t told her to cut it, and he was her guide into this new existence. Continue reading…

Excerpt from Awkward Holidays

“This is for you,” I said, holding it out to him and suddenly feeling very self-conscious.

He looked at the box, and frowned lightly as he opened it. The frown smoothed out when he ran a finger against the orchid.

“You’ve had this for days,” he said. “Was it for me all along?”


“So why only now?”

That was the million-dollar question, wasn’t it? And I had no clue what the answer was.

“I don’t know.”

“Is it because of the dress?” he insisted. “You don’t have to, you know. This isn’t a gift exchange or—”

“It’s just a gift, all right? I thought you’d like it.” Continue reading…

Excerpt from Quickening

Chapter 1

Vivien felt like screaming.

It wouldn’t help anything. It certainly wouldn’t help her channel. All it would do was startle Brad and summon Aedan into the room. If she knew Brad at all, he’d feel bad that she was frustrated; as for his brother, he’d only admonish Vivien to try harder. As if she hadn’t been trying her best for three days.

“Yes, I am focusing,” she replied, barely hanging on to her calm. She didn’t trust herself to say another word and remain civil, so she clamped her mouth shut. It wasn’t Brad’s fault that she was failing miserably. She had no one to blame but herself.

Brad must have picked up on how annoyed she was because he didn’t challenge her words. He remained perfectly still, sitting across her on the other side of the dining table. Had the table not been so wide, she could have reached out and asked to hold his hand. Between them, on the polished, golden-hued wood, a single roseberry waited, a deep red color with purple hints, perfectly round. That innocent fruit, leftover from a light breakfast, taunted Vivien. Continue reading…

Excerpt from My Reluctant Warden

“I won’t kill you.”

As far as reassurances go, that one didn’t do much for me. I doubt it would have done anything for anyone, not when it was uttered in Mr. Ward’s cool, emotionless voice and he was barely looking at me, already turning away.

A few hours ago, before setting foot in his mansion as a guest of Miss Delilah—his sister and my boss—for his birthday bash, all I’d known of Morgan Ward was his voice, which I had heard on the phone a few times, and the gossip I’d read on blogs and in newspapers. Now, I knew a lot more.

I knew how dark his eyes were: darker than endless wells. Continue reading…

Excerpt from Blue Hair and 7 PAs

He knocked again, this time doubling his chances by ringing the bell, too. It was still another three or four minutes before he could see a form behind the frosted glass panels. The door finally opened and Vinnie, who’d had a smile plastered on his face and a practiced introduction on the tip of his tongue, could only stare.

James A. Spencer, Hollywood’s favorite son of the moment, stood on the threshold with nothing more than a towel wrapped around his hips, beads of water rolling on his torso, and soaked, bright turquoise hair plastered on his head.

“Hi.” His smile was as dazzling in person as on the cover of magazines. “Vincent, right?”

He held his hand out. Vinnie shook it, and shook himself out of his daze — although he’d have had a hard time saying what had startled him most: the color of James’ hair or his glistening abs, even more entrancing in real life than on a movie screen.

“Vinnie,” he said. “Nice to meet you.”

James wasn’t letting go of his hand, so Vinnie gave it another small shake, feeling heat rising in his cheeks. No, he wasn’t staring at James Spencer’s chest from two feet away. He absolutely wasn’t. Nor was he noticing how close to falling down James’ towel was. And to prove it he said, “Nice hair.”

With a self-conscious smile, James finally pulled his hand back, only to pass it through his hair, making the wet strands spike up.

“New role,” was all he said, and then finally seemed to realize they were standing on the threshold. And that he was close to giving a full frontal photo-op to any paparazzi that might be perched in trees somewhere nearby. “Come in.”

… continued in Blue Hair and 7 PAs

Excerpt from Beyond The Edge

The waves crashed down against the rocks at the bottom of the cliff, a relentless rhythm like the heartbeat of the ocean. Under Leo’s fingers, Brett’s heart echoed that beat, even and regular in sleep.

The stone platform wasn’t all that comfortable, even with a couple blankets to cushion the smooth rock underneath, but with pleasure still lingering inside him, Leo didn’t care much.

Sitting up, he looked over Brett’s body at where Lisa lay against him, an arm curled behind her head and a smile on her lips as she stared at the stars above them.

“Should we wake him?” he asked in a whisper.

Lisa turned her face toward Leo. Her dark eyes were sparkling with amusement when she said, “Let him sleep. He’s had a long day.”

With a little snort, Leo glanced back at Brett. “Doesn’t he always?” Continue reading…

Excerpt from Ward of the Vampire

Who in the world would have said no?

Certainly not me.

And don’t fool yourself; you wouldn’t have said no either.

If I’d known what was going to happen… No, even then I’m not sure I’d have refused to go. I couldn’t have. And I mean that quite literally. Couldn’t, as in not physically able to. Not without my body refusing to obey my commands, or losing the simple ability to breathe.

The biggest holiday bash in New York City, with reportedly a dozen different caterers booked for the event, five bands, everyone from New York’s ‘who’s who’ on the guest list, along with a few A-listers flown straight in by private jet from Hollywood, all that in a renovated mansion—a castle, really—right off Central Park… And of course, one of the most famous yet elusive men in town, a businessman, philanthropist and friend of the arts, just turning forty, and an eminently eligible bachelor… Continue reading…