* Excerpts

Excerpt from CheckMate

Lilia was still a hundred yards or so from her goal when she saw him and knew that things wouldn’t go as planned. There was no mistaking that silhouette, a tall, lean man wearing a leather jacket even though the night wasn’t particularly cold, one hand in the jacket’s pocket, the other taking the red pinpoint of a cigarette to his lips and away in regular movements. No mistaking his scent either, when a light breeze carried it to Lilia. They had fought too often in the past for her not to recognize Vincent Jordan instantly. Too often, also, for her not to know that Nathanael would be pissed off. If Jordan was there, it undoubtedly meant that the clan’s newest recruit was dust already. There went the power Nathanael had been counting on.

Excerpt from In This Life Or The Next

Laughing, Lauren ran through the field, careful to follow the furrow and not bend or snap the wheat. Tomorrow, they would work hard to gather it, but today was theirs. She could hear him behind her, quickly overtaking her as her long skirts prevented her from running as fast as she could have. It didn’t matter; she didn’t really want to escape anyway.

His hand caught her wrist and stopped her, pulling her to him. She allowed herself to be drawn into his arms, allowed his lips to cover hers, so gentle yet trembling from his repressed desire. If it had been anyone but him, she would have been scared when she saw how wide, how dark his pupils were, swallowing almost all the brown of his eyes until she thought she was looking into two pools of darkness. But she knew that look, she knew it was nothing but a testament to how much he loved her, how much he wanted her, and she started pulling him wordlessly toward their island.

Excerpt from All Things Except Blood

Eyrin rarely waited so late in the afternoon to feed.  Patience had never been her strongest point, especially when hunger and lust were both troubling her, and she was slowly growing restless.  Earlier, she had closed the book she had been trying to read and observed the faces around the common room until she could have drawn all of them from memory alone.  Now she wanted Ian to arrive so she could get on with her day.

She could have chosen someone else, of course.  A few humans had entered the common room even as she waited, and some had approached her.  She had declined their offers with a polite smile and returned her gaze to the doorway, seeking Ian.  (more…)

Excerpt from Forget Ever After

Lena would gladly have sat at the bar, surrounded by other partygoers, some of whom she vaguely recognized from having seen them on campus before. However, Tony led her to one of the private alcoves at the back of the room. Lena slipped into the booth, sliding to the very far end of it and reclining against the back cushion only to realize she would damage her wings if she did that. Annoyed, she sat closer to the table, leaning onto her elbows, which had the unfortunate effects of bringing her closer to Tony.

Excerpt from Out of the Box

“Would you like to play?” he murmured. His voice was pure sin.

I briefly tightened my hand around his cock. “I thought we were playing already.”

He chuckled quietly at that and pressed his lips to mine. The kiss was hard, almost brutal when he invaded my mouth with his tongue. It turned my knees to jelly and left me breathless, and I had to lean against him for support, trapping his cock between us as I did.

“We can play this game, if you want.” His words were a caress against my cheek. “Or we can try something different.”