* Excerpts

Excerpt from No Crayons On The Front Line

Dear soldier,

Only two words in, and here I am, confronting a feeling of oddness as it occurs to me I don’t know to whom I should address this letter. I have written few letters in my life – and by letter, I mean actual letters, the kind where one puts ink and thoughts onto paper to share with another person – and every one of those actual letters went to someone I knew beforehand, someone whose face I could picture, someone who I was sure would be able to hear my voice when they read my words, who would know when I was trying to be humorous or understand references to a shared past. And so, I find it difficult to write to you today without knowing your name or age or even whether you like long missives or will already be bored by the time you reach this point. (more…)

Excerpt from His Sire’s New Rules

Many things had changed in Tyler’s life in the past couple of days, things he’d never imagined before he first entered Alan and Jeremy’s apartment.

He was still wrapping his mind around some of those changes, like the fact that he’d just fucked Jeremy. He’d never done that before, not on the giving end of the equation, and to have done it not with anyone but with Jeremy… He’d had Jeremy’s cock inside him many times, but he’d been sure the reverse would never be true. He’d made his peace with that. Now, he could only wonder whether he’d be allowed to do it again—and whether Jeremy would be permitted to come with him then.

Other things were a lot easier to get used to, like the guest bathroom and its shower, which dispensed apparently infinite amounts of hot water. Considering the house where Tyler lived with his squadron had water restrictions and a rotation schedule for showers, standing under the hot spray of water without worrying it might soon turn ice-cold was a luxury he quite enjoyed. (more…)

Excerpt from Anterograde

“You are a complete asshole,” Eli said as he stormed into Calden’s house. “Do you even realize that? Is that something you can comprehend?”

It took him no time to find Calden, sprawled on the sofa in his boxers and dressing gown, an arm curled over his face like a swooning regency heroine, his dark hair untamed and wild.

“I don’t know if I comprehend,” Calden said, his voice muffled by his elbow, “but I’ve been told often enough. What did I do this time?”

“What did—”

Eli bit back a curse and stood by the sofa. His glaring was completely lost on Calden, who still hid behind his arm.

“You know damn well what you did!” he exploded. (more…)

Excerpt from The Coward’s Way Out

I read all morning, stopping only for a quick lunch before returning to the library. I could have read elsewhere, I suppose, but I felt less lonely with Morgan nearby, even if we weren’t actually speaking. I was so engrossed in what I was reading that I barely realized what he meant when he stood in the doorway and said he was going out for a while. By the time I tore my eyes off the page to look up at him, he’d left. For a second, I almost felt guilty at having been rude, but it wasn’t like he needed my acknowledgment, let alone my permission, before going out.

I went back to the book and its sassy heroine; she, too, had been thrust into a world she hadn’t known existed, but at least one of the two men caring for her returned her feelings. Lucky her.

Once again, I lost myself in the story to the point that, when a voice rose from the doorway, I didn’t immediately react but instead finished the paragraph I was reading. When that voice repeated the same command in a much colder tone, I couldn’t ignore it anymore. And I knew, without looking up, who was there.

“Get your shoes off my chair, Angelina,” Irene had said. (more…)

Excerpt from A Kiss of Blood


Deidra finished tying the end of her braid with a leather lace before she turned to the door and offered Tristen a nod.

“I’m ready. Are you? Because today is the day I best you.”

He laughed and pushed away from the open door. He had been leaning against it for a little while, observing her as she brushed then braided her hair. A few of the other Childer had advised her to cut it short; that way, it wouldn’t get in her way while she fought. But Tristen hadn’t told her to cut it, and he was her guide into this new existence. (more…)