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Excerpt from His Sire’s New Game

Tyler sighed when he tugged his boxers over his ass. The cotton felt like sandpaper against his stinging flesh. It was heavenly.

The lingering pain wasn’t exactly unexpected; he’d been spanked before, after all, and he’d had mornings such as this one, with beautiful memories sparking back to life with every twinge of pain. However, Jeremy, the only Dom Tyler had known until the previous night, had never pushed him as far as Alan had.

Tyler had come close to voicing his safeword—both from too much pain and too much pleasure. He was glad he hadn’t, and could only hope he would feel the effects of the night as long as possible.

“Why are you up so early, pet?”

The question, offered in a mildly chastising voice, startled Tyler. His mind had been drifting on images and sensations and he had not noticed Alan standing outside the guest bathroom until he spoke. Although he didn’t wear a stitch of clothing, Alan looked every bit as much in control as he had hours earlier.

“It’s not that early,” Tyler replied with a half-smile, now picking up his pants from the floor and trying not to stare at Alan’s gorgeous body.

He wasn’t as muscled as some fighters in Tyler’s battalion who had a fondness for the gym, steroids or both, but a feeling of strength emanated from him, a confidence that spoke not only of physical endurance but also of mental peace. Those overly muscular fighters pumped up because they were afraid of losing their lives to demons; Alan didn’t need to say a word to express quite clearly that he wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone.

Tyler found that more attractive than anything, though it didn’t hurt that Alan had striking features, highlighted by a light stubble, a lean body that moved with that predatory grace all vampires seemed to possess, and piercing eyes that, at that moment, considered Tyler with an odd coolness.

Alan raised his closed fist and extended one finger. “You contradict me.” A second finger. “You fail to answer a direct question.” A third. “You prepare to leave without having asked and much less received permission to do so.” Continue reading…

Excerpt from Under His Skin

He returned to the kitchen, holding the corked jar with both hands, and was surprised to find that Joshua had cleared the table and was putting the plates in the dishwasher. Like the sight of Joshua warming up the food earlier, it seemed oddly domestic, and Nathan caught himself imagining what it would be like to live with Joshua, cook with him, do chores together—wake up by his side.

When Joshua looked up, his eyes crinkled in amusement. “I see great minds think alike. You got me booze, too?”

Shaking his head, Nathan went back to the table, inviting Joshua to come along with a gesture. Soon, they were sitting across from each other again, the jar between them on the table.

“It’s not wine,” Nathan said quietly. “It’s a potion. A spell.” Continue reading…

Excerpt from The Thirteenth Halloween

Night had fallen by the time Thomas finally extricated himself from his memories. He exited the car, grabbed the stack of smaller moving boxes from the backseat, and climbed the three steps to the front door. Old newspapers littered the stoop. Clearly no one had thought to warn the delivery boy that Jim had passed away.

The key to the front door had remained on Thomas’ key ring all these years. He’d thought of sending it back with one of his yearly cards, but had held on to the bit of metal like he had his memories. Continue reading…

Excerpt from Before The Edge

Glass shattered. A hush fell over the bar. Brett’s head jerked up.

The sound of breaking glass was not all that uncommon. In a bar as busy as The Cliff was, accidents happened often enough, and Brett had a line in his budget specifically for broken glass. It was rare for said breakage to be the fault of Wallace, the bartender, or Chloe and Kelly, the two waitresses. The three of them were good at what they did, and their promptness and smiles earned them generous tips from most patrons. Usually, an accident was a sign that someone had had a drink too many, although Wallace was also pretty good at cutting people off when he thought they had had enough. If the sound was more ominous, John, the bouncer, had a knack for calming potential problems before they could escalate. Continue reading…

Blurred Memories – 5 chapters

The first 5 chapters  of Blurred Memories, available for download as a PDF.

Blurred Memories - excerpt




Excerpt from His Sire’s New Pet

Before Alan could do more than blink in surprise, Tyler finally did what his body had clearly been demanding for a little while and slid down to his knees at Jeremy’s side. His legs parted and he drew his arms behind him like Jeremy had; it obviously wasn’t the first time he had taken the position. Judging by the bulge now tenting his fatigues, he really didn’t mind being on his knees.

“And Sir, before you ask, I do understand what I’m getting into. I do want this.” Continue reading…

Losing His Wings – first 5 chapters

The first 5 chapters of Losing his Wings are available as a PDF – that’s half the book!

Losing His Wings - 5 chapters


If you would like to purchase the entire story, check out where the ebook is available for sale here.

Excerpt from Losing His Wings

Two strokes of his wings carried Samuel across the world, folding the very fabric of reality around him, time and space the warp and weft that pulled and stretched to accommodate him. One second, he stood in Europe, whispering away the nightmares that had plagued a young girl for far too long. The next, he was observing a newly turned vampire outside a restaurant in a small town in Pennsylvania. Continue reading…

Excerpt from Final Vision of Destiny – Sam

He held his hand out to her to help her climb off the rocks, but she rested her fingers on his shoulder instead and stepped back down onto the sand. A wave of goose bumps erupted over her arms. She rubbed her hands briskly over them as the two of them started back toward the cottage. She could feel Woods’ eyes on her. After a few more steps, he slipped off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders. She pushed her arms into the sleeves and thanked him with a smile.

“Will you please let me read you?” he asked suddenly. Continue reading…

Living Out of the Box – Chapter 1

As promised, here is the first chapter from Living Out of the Box.

At the end of the Out of the Box series, Anando asked Virginia to live with him. Moving day has come, and the celebration might start a little early with a bottle of wine and a sexy mover…


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Excerpt from Ninth Vision of Destiny – Jack

His confusion must have showed; Angela grinned sharply, flashing her fangs.

“Blood,” she said.

This time her hand rose slowly toward his face. Jack almost flinched away but his pride stopped him. He refused to let her believe he was afraid of her—even if part of him was. He forced himself to stay very still and allowed her fingers to make contact. They trailed against his cheek, following the same path as her nails. The touch was electric, the jolt coursing through Jack, going straight to his balls. He pinched his lips tightly together and blinked twice fast. Angela’s gaze remained intent on her touch. When she pulled her hand away and turned it to show Jack, each of her fingertips was dark red and gleaming wetly. Jack’s nostrils flared. Continue reading…

Excerpt from Eighth Vision of Destiny – Brad

Silence blanketed the house, every creak of the staircase or wooden floors seeming much too loud. Brad held his breath and winced at every little noise. Even his heart sounded overly noisy beating a staccato rhythm as though he had just run for miles. The thought that he ought to take up running again struck him, unexpected and irrelevant at that moment. It was only one more thing that had been part of his life for so long; one more thing he missed. Continue reading…

Excerpt from Seventh Vision of Destiny – Rachel

“Enjoying yourself without me when you knew I was coming,” he said, reproachful. “How very naughty.”

He finished his drink and set the glass to the table beside the loveseat. Reaching forward, he slipped a single finger under her chin. He made a point of looking straight into her eyes, and she had to stop herself from dropping her gaze. His eyes were dark, the pupils dilated and already filled with desire.

“I think,” he said slowly, as though musing aloud, “I might have to see just how much you enjoyed yourself and decide if you need to be punished.”

A shiver fluttered down Rachel’s back at that last word; it was all part of the game, of course. Whether she had enjoyed herself too much or not watching others play, Master David would end up taking her to one of the play rooms so they could have a scene of their own. Continue reading…

Excerpt from Fangs and Lullabies

Andrew stopped on the kitchen threshold and leaned against the door, looking at Nicholas with grim eyes.

“I know it’s been a long time,” Andrew said blankly, “but you’ll need to get back in the habit of listening when I tell you to do something.”

Nicholas bit back a laugh but did nothing to hide his grin. “As you may recall, listening was never the problem. Obeying is.” Continue reading…

Fangs & Lullabies: 6 snapshots

In Fangs & Lullabies, Andrew, a vampire, raises his (mostly) human son with the help of his Childe Nicholas. The story starts with the child’s birth day, and continues through a series of ‘snapshots’ up to his teen years.

Here are a few of these snapshots.

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