* Excerpts

Excerpt from Out of the Box 2

I arrived at On The Edge early, barely after sunset, and although there were already people on the dance floor, the crowd was nothing compared to what I had seen the previous week. I ordered a cocktail at the bar on the ground level and went down one staircase to stand on one of the suspended bridges. I sipped on the drink slowly, my eyes on the dancers beneath me but I wasn’t really seeing them. Instead, I was remembering, yet again, what had happened on that night a week earlier, how Anando had reached toward me, what it had been like to dance with him, what his hands had felt like on me, first on the dance floor, then when he had taken me home and undressed me. The white chest. The toys. The scarves. His cock. His fangs.

Excerpt from On The Edge

She let go of his hand once they had stepped into the bedroom, and Leo watched her and Brett divest one another of the little bit of clothing that covered them before they knelt on the bed, facing each other. Lisa was as beautiful as ever, full curves, delicate skin and a lovely face. But to see her like this—her breasts become perfection, cradled in Brett’s hands, her lips appear fuller as she pressed them to her lover’s, her thin, long fingers close around Brett’s erection—all of it made her even more gorgeous. And it didn’t hurt that Brett was a fine-looking man himself.

His eyes never leaving them as they continued to kiss and caress, Leo got rid of his clothes. His hands trembled a little, and he popped a button of his shirt when it wouldn’t come undone. He certainly hadn’t been celibate ever since parting ways with Lisa, but she had been his first lover after he had become a vampire, his confidante as they both learned to use their fangs and sex-appeal on humans, his friend and maybe more, even if those words were rarely heard amongst their kind. The prospect of joining her—and Brett—was wrecking havoc on Leo’s self-control.

… continued in On the Edge


Excerpt from Out of the Box 3

“What is it?”

I tried to deny something was wrong, but I could see that he wouldn’t accept anything other than simple truth. So, once more, I yielded to him, and told him how I felt about surrendering so completely.

“Don’t get me wrong,” I amended my words when he started frowning. “I enjoyed what we did. I enjoyed it a lot. But the feelings it leaves me with are less pleasant. I do not like to see this weakness in me.”

The frown disappeared and his eyes widened at my words. “Weakness?” he repeated. “You think giving control to someone else makes you weak?”

Excerpt from Over The Edge

It was disappointing to wake up alone after having gone to bed with Brett and Leo. The former had been her lover for almost a year, while she had shared her nights with Leo for decades until they had separated fifteen years earlier. All she had to confirm that she had not imagined the entire thing were their lingering scents around her and the last notes of pleasure still drumming inside her like an echo. Her last thought before she had fallen asleep had been to hope her morning would be at least as interesting as her night, if not more. Instead, she was alone in a cold bed. Clearly, she would have to teach her men some manners. (more…)

Excerpt from Dare I?

Wondering whether she was at the wrong establishment, she walked over to the bar and ordered a cocktail from a man with the most gorgeous smile—the rest of him wasn’t bad either, from what she could see through a partially unbuttoned shirt and very tight jeans. It was while she was waiting for her change that she noticed people coming up and down staircases on the side of the room. Her glass in hand, she went to investigate. She only needed to descend one flight of stairs to see that she was indeed in a dancing club. Through the metal railing of staircases and suspended bridges, she could make out a dancing floor on the lower level, which seemed darker and louder than the bar area. She stepped down one more staircase and stopped on a catwalk to look at the crowd beneath her. The music was fast, faster than she liked it, but she could see the attraction of such a beat in a place like this one. The air thrummed with energy, and it wasn’t all due to the music. There was something about the dancers, a feeling of raw life and sexuality that Anna had never encountered before. (more…)