Firelands Wars


Cover for ExiledBorn a dragon prince in the Firelands, exiled for a crime he hasn’t committed yet, Glenn has learned to ignore his dragon. He made a life for himself on Earth, giving diving lessons and exploring wrecks in Lake Erie.

But on the same day a new sassy assistant steps into his office, his old life catches up with him. The Firelands are at war again, and it doesn’t take long for the fight to find Glenn, catching his assistant Nadia in the crossfire. Between his inner dragon rising again and calling her his mate and Glenn’s own reluctant attraction to her, he’ll do anything to keep her safe.

All Nadia wanted was to spend time with Glenn and get to know him. She didn’t imagine she’d end up on the run with him, but sharing close quarters might turn up the heat and make it easier for her to get what she needs from him. Or it would if Glenn opened up to her…


LENGTH – 48.000 words


RATING – sexy


NOTE – This ebook is part of the Firelands Wars series but is a standalone.

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Excerpt – Exiled

As a rule, Glenn didn’t like surprises. Not one bit.

In his experience, surprises never meant anything good. He liked his routine, he liked plans, he liked to know, as much as possible, what every minute of his day would be like when he got up in the morning. He tolerated some degree of uncertainty in his work, because after all it wasn’t like ancient ships had had GPS on board to signal the precise place where they’d elected to sink, but long hours of research and his knowledge of the Great Lakes minimized surprises to an acceptable level.

Less surprises also meant that he was able to keep better control of himself—and of his inner beast.

So when he came in to work that morning and found a brunette behind Harvey’s desk, his first thought wasn’t that she was definitely better looking than his assistant or that her eyes were the exact color of the Lilies Pond where he’d learned to swim, a blue that tried to pretend it really was green.

He didn’t even blink at the streak of white that flowed through the left side of her hair, the thick bleached strand tucked neatly behind her ear. What he did think was that an interloper was about to ruin his morning. Maybe even his week.