Forever Starts Now

Forever Starts Now

cover for Forever Starts NowWhen Matthew became a vampire, he made a promise. It’s because of this vow that he intervenes in Claire’s love life, and later tries to scare her away from On The Edge, the infamous dance club that serves as the local vampire hunting grounds.

But his efforts to keep her from his kind backfire when she returns, apparently more intrigued than afraid. Could it be that his heart wasn’t in it – this same dead, supposedly unfeeling heart that demanded, so long ago, that he make this promise, and that seems to wake up and start beating again in her presence?

Or could there be more behind Claire’s interest than mere curiosity?

LENGTH – 88.000 words / 280 PDF pages




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Excerpt from Forever Starts Now

When Claire sat down at the bar, a little past nine, she noticed the fleeting look of surprise that crossed Leo’s features.

“I didn’t think we’d see you again so soon,” he commented as he started reaching for a cocktail glass. “Your usual?”

“Not tonight, no. I feel like having something different. And why wouldn’t I come back?”

Returning the glass to the shelf below the bar, Leo leaned against the counter. His voice dropped a little lower, but it held none of the flirtatiousness Claire would have expected from his demeanor.

“You were pretty spooked, last night. Customers who get scared rarely return.” (more…)

Podcast: excerpts

Snapdragons – Rhea lost her memories. Should she risk trying to get them back?

Carte Blanche – Grace, Special Enforcer and Dominant; Ray, vampire and
submissive. Sparks fly.

The Vampire’s Concubine – Aidan knows that Meriel’s sire ordered her to kill him.

Dancing – Virginia meets vampire Anando at the club On The Edge for a dance…
and more…

CheckMate – Lilia and Vincent get to know each other as Mates…before abruptly
awakening from the spell.

Forever Starts Now – Claire returns to the club to talk to the vampire who scared her the previous night.

Blurred Nights – Blake awakens to find that his Sire has already launched a seduction attack on Kate.

Christmas Magic – Hunter tries to understand what Cole wants from him.

You can download the excerpts and listen to them on your computer or MP3 player, or you can subscribe to the podcast and receive the new episodes as soon as they are released. (more…)

Five Valentines

Five ValentinesAn anthology of flashfiction stories featuring the characters from On The Edge, Forever Starts Now, Aria and Will, Carte Blanche, and CheckMate.

Four couples and one menage a trois.
Eight vampires and three humans.
Dozens of roses, a restaurant, two drawings, a diamond ring and a promise.
Five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
One love.

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