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Living Out of the Box – Chapter 1

As promised, here is the first chapter from Living Out of the Box.

At the end of the Out of the Box series, Anando asked Virginia to live with him. Moving day has come, and the celebration might start a little early with a bottle of wine and a sexy mover…


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The Breach

From Aria & Will, a ‘deleted scene’ set before the epilogue.

After decades of fighting, the first true ray of hope for Newhaven when a messenger delivers the spell that might close the breach and stop the demons invasion…



A Breath of Fresh Air

cover for A Breath of Fresh AirFrom Moonlust, a short sequel.

A year after they found each other while under the influence of the pheromones, Kar, Jay and Will return to solar system where it all started for the Fertile Moon Festival… but they might end up celebrating in their own way…


Fire Dance

cover for Fire Dance
From CheckMate, another glimpse into what the future holds for Vincent and Lilia.

Lilia likes flames; she likes the way they dance and their warmth. Vincent, though, she loves.

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Elevator Ride

From the Out of the Box series.

A sexy peek into Virginia and Anando’s future.

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