Her Last Words

Her Last Words

Cover for her Last WordsTwo centuries have passed since the Master Vampire Gabrielle made the biggest mistake of her life. Two centuries since her plan backfired, resulting not in the destruction of demons as she had hoped, but instead in the slaughtering of countless humans and vampires that had been fighting against them. Two centuries also, since she pushed away her favorite Childe, without ever telling him why. Two centuries of fighting alone to protect the humans she has sworn to defend from demons. Two centuries of missing Erik.

When he finally reappears in her life, she thinks she has been offered a second chance. But she soon realizes that she will need to face her mistakes to reach him, and understand that silence can be more painful than words.

LENGTH – 41.000 words / about 100 PDF pages

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NOTE – This book is part of The Vampire Pacts, but all books in this series are standalone and can be read separately.

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Excerpt from Her Last Words

Despite everything, the first blow was unexpected, and Gabrielle instinctively wanted to reply in kind.  The blood trickling from her nose, counterpoint to the sharp pain, roused her demon and she felt her fangs start to elongate.  She fought the change, just like she fought the instinct to strike back.  And if she closed her hands tight enough that her fingernails drew blood from her palms, she didn’t use her fists to fight back.  She parried some blows, but without much conviction.

She could easily have struck back; those were only humans around her, and only a handful of them at that.  In seconds, she could have killed all of them, or broken a few bones to disable them; neither option would have taken much time or skill.  But they had more of a right to hurt her than she did them, and so she stayed there, and waited for one of them to figure out what she was and shove a piece of wood through her heart. (more…)

Her Last Words: Chapter 2

cover for Her Last WordsSample chapter from Her Last Words.

New Master vampire Gabrielle only wanted to make a Pact with her first village. She hadn’t expected to find her first Childe so fast.

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Chapter 2


Saturday Snippets #5 – Her Last Words (Paranormal Romance)

This week, the theme for the Saturday Snippets is ‘choice.’ My first thought was to give you a bit from the first Out of the Box, when Virginia first kneels in front of Anando’s toy box and makes her choice, but the story is available for free so you can see that any time you want. Instead, I’ll give you a taste of one of my very first stories, Her Last Words.


“Did I ever tell you how pretty you are when you pout, my Childe?”

Indignation battling with shame, Erik tried to discipline his features even as his Sire continued to laugh.

“I am not pouting,” he claimed, teeth clenching despite himself. “I am no child.”

Gabrielle was still laughing lightly; Erik looked at her, his eyes throwing daggers. His horse snorted and took an unsteady step, and he realized he had been twisting the reins. Trying to control his temper and relax, he remained silent, staring straight ahead into the night. (more…)