His Dominant Sire

Excerpt from His Sire’s New Pet

Before Alan could do more than blink in surprise, Tyler finally did what his body had clearly been demanding for a little while and slid down to his knees at Jeremy’s side. His legs parted and he drew his arms behind him like Jeremy had; it obviously wasn’t the first time he had taken the position. Judging by the bulge now tenting his fatigues, he really didn’t mind being on his knees.

“And Sir, before you ask, I do understand what I’m getting into. I do want this.” (more…)

His Sire’s New Pet

cover for His Sire's New Pet - Erotic M/M/M BDSM Short StoryAs Master vampire and Dominant Alan returns from a fight against demons, he is furious. His Childe, Jeremy, acted foolishly on the battlefield and was wounded. For this, Alan will punish him.

Jeremy knows his place and accepts that he deserves his punishment. He kneels at his Sire’s feet as soon as he enters their lair. A human accompanied Jeremy home, however: his lover and submissive, Tyler.

Right away, Tyler claims responsibility for Jeremy being wounded and asks to be punished in his place. Alan is initially reluctant to bring a novice into the BDSM relationship he shares with Jeremy, but the appeal of playing with a new sub for a night wins him over – and it doesn’t hurt that Jeremy and Tyler look oh, so hot kneeling next to each other.

Will Tyler endure Jeremy’s punishment until its very end, or will the intense spanking prove too much for him? And how does Jeremy feel about sharing his lover with his Sire for one night… or maybe more than that?

LENGTH – 15.000 words / 40 PDF pages



RATING – Sizzling

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Excerpt from His Sire’s New Game

Tyler sighed when he tugged his boxers over his ass. The cotton felt like sandpaper against his stinging flesh. It was heavenly.

The lingering pain wasn’t exactly unexpected; he’d been spanked before, after all, and he’d had mornings such as this one, with beautiful memories sparking back to life with every twinge of pain. However, Jeremy, the only Dom Tyler had known until the previous night, had never pushed him as far as Alan had.

Tyler had come close to voicing his safeword—both from too much pain and too much pleasure. He was glad he hadn’t, and could only hope he would feel the effects of the night as long as possible.

“Why are you up so early, pet?”

The question, offered in a mildly chastising voice, startled Tyler. His mind had been drifting on images and sensations and he had not noticed Alan standing outside the guest bathroom until he spoke. Although he didn’t wear a stitch of clothing, Alan looked every bit as much in control as he had hours earlier.

“It’s not that early,” Tyler replied with a half-smile, now picking up his pants from the floor and trying not to stare at Alan’s gorgeous body.

He wasn’t as muscled as some fighters in Tyler’s battalion who had a fondness for the gym, steroids or both, but a feeling of strength emanated from him, a confidence that spoke not only of physical endurance but also of mental peace. Those overly muscular fighters pumped up because they were afraid of losing their lives to demons; Alan didn’t need to say a word to express quite clearly that he wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone.

Tyler found that more attractive than anything, though it didn’t hurt that Alan had striking features, highlighted by a light stubble, a lean body that moved with that predatory grace all vampires seemed to possess, and piercing eyes that, at that moment, considered Tyler with an odd coolness.

Alan raised his closed fist and extended one finger. “You contradict me.” A second finger. “You fail to answer a direct question.” A third. “You prepare to leave without having asked and much less received permission to do so.” (more…)

His Sire’s New Game

cover for His Sire's New Game - Erotic M/M/M BDSM Short StoryAfter a sizzling night spent with two vampires – a night that left him both aching and satisfied from a spanking… and much more – Tyler tries to sneak away. Doing so, he earns himself another punishment from Master vampire and Dom Alan. Only after a new spanking does he have permission to leave, as well as permission to return later in the day.

Before dealing with Tyler, Alan ordered his Childe and submissive Jeremy not to intervene. Jeremy, however, can’t stand being left out and breaks his Sire’s orders. His punishment, although entirely different from Tyler’s, turns out to be just as agonizing, especially when Alan draws a painful confession from him.

It all started as one night, but all three men were quick to decide they wanted more. For that, they’ll have to be honest with each other and themselves and together figure out the rules of this new BDSM game…

LENGTH – 20.000 words / 42 PDF pages




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Excerpt from His Sire’s New Rules

Many things had changed in Tyler’s life in the past couple of days, things he’d never imagined before he first entered Alan and Jeremy’s apartment.

He was still wrapping his mind around some of those changes, like the fact that he’d just fucked Jeremy. He’d never done that before, not on the giving end of the equation, and to have done it not with anyone but with Jeremy… He’d had Jeremy’s cock inside him many times, but he’d been sure the reverse would never be true. He’d made his peace with that. Now, he could only wonder whether he’d be allowed to do it again—and whether Jeremy would be permitted to come with him then.

Other things were a lot easier to get used to, like the guest bathroom and its shower, which dispensed apparently infinite amounts of hot water. Considering the house where Tyler lived with his squadron had water restrictions and a rotation schedule for showers, standing under the hot spray of water without worrying it might soon turn ice-cold was a luxury he quite enjoyed. (more…)