His Lover’s Fangs

His Lover’s Fangs

Cover for His Lover's FangsEver since attending the Academy together, Olivia and Logan have been partners: training partners before they graduated and became Special Enforcers, romantic partners in a  sizzling relationship, and finally partners on the hunting field, where they track killer vampires together.

When Olivia succumbs to one of their enemies and is reborn with fangs of her own, their relationship takes a dramatic turn, especially after Logan kills her Sire. On the night when they first stand in front of each other again, they’re not partners anymore, but instead hunter and prey. But which of them is the hunter now, and which of them is the prey?

LENGTH – 12.300 words / about 40 PDF pages




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Excerpt from His Lover’s Fangs

The gravel crunched beneath Olivia’s boots, the sound so familiar she had never paid it any mind—not until that moment. Damn, but it was loud. The sound rose in the night air, a clear warning to anyone who was listening that she was approaching the back of the house. She remembered hours of working in the sun with Logan to create this path, just days after they’d bought the house. She remembered how hot it had been and how the sun had played over his golden skin until she had needed to touch him. Ludicrous. How much time and energy had she devoted to this stupid path? As for the sun being enjoyable… (more…)

Flash fiction – A Date

This is a repost of a flash fiction story I wrote in 2007 and that was lost when I revamped my site. I was writing a ‘how this story came to be’ paragraph on Goodreads about His Lover’s Fangs and figured to tell the full anecdote I needed to repost this. If you’ve read His Lover’s Fangs, you’ll notice some very obvious differences…


The gravel crunched beneath Theo’s boots, the sound so familiar and inconsequential he had never paid it any mind — not until that moment. It had never seemed as loud as it now did, the sound rising in the clear night air, warning anyone nearby that he was walking to the back of the house. He remembered hours of working in the sun with Alice to create this path, just days after they’d bought the house. He remembered how hot it had been, and the sun playing over her golden skin. The entire thing seemed ludicrous, now, from the time and energy he had given this stupid path to the fact that sunlight had once been harmless. (more…)

Five Eves

In November 2011, my readers took part in a poll and told me which of my characters they would enjoy seeing featured in an anthology of short Holidays stories. Here they are, offered as a token of my appreciation for your support.

Whether they celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or the beginning of a New Year, these five couples have something in common: love.


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