In This Life Or The Next

In This Life Or The Next

In this Life or the Next (Past Lives Romance Novella)When she reluctantly accompanies her husband Alex to an art show, Tania discovers new worlds through the paintings of Mark Wendell, worlds that she experiences as vividly as though she had lived in them.

Visions, daydreams and dreams haunt her, showing her different women and the men they loved, all different but also, she soon discovers, all the same. Which will she choose…the man she married in this life, or the one who was her lover across time?

LENGTH – 21.000 words / 65 PDF pages




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Excerpt from In This Life Or The Next

Laughing, Lauren ran through the field, careful to follow the furrow and not bend or snap the wheat. Tomorrow, they would work hard to gather it, but today was theirs. She could hear him behind her, quickly overtaking her as her long skirts prevented her from running as fast as she could have. It didn’t matter; she didn’t really want to escape anyway.

His hand caught her wrist and stopped her, pulling her to him. She allowed herself to be drawn into his arms, allowed his lips to cover hers, so gentle yet trembling from his repressed desire. If it had been anyone but him, she would have been scared when she saw how wide, how dark his pupils were, swallowing almost all the brown of his eyes until she thought she was looking into two pools of darkness. But she knew that look, she knew it was nothing but a testament to how much he loved her, how much he wanted her, and she started pulling him wordlessly toward their island.