Losing His Wings

Excerpt from Losing His Wings

Two strokes of his wings carried Samuel across the world, folding the very fabric of reality around him, time and space the warp and weft that pulled and stretched to accommodate him. One second, he stood in Europe, whispering away the nightmares that had plagued a young girl for far too long. The next, he was observing a newly turned vampire outside a restaurant in a small town in Pennsylvania. (more…)

Losing His Wings – first 5 chapters

The first 5 chapters of Losing his Wings are available as a PDF – that’s half the book!

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Losing His Wings

Losing His Wings (Angel and Demon Romance Novella)For millennia, Samuel has whispered in humans’ and vampires’ minds and tried to steer them toward the right path. For almost as long, Rowan has stood opposite him and nudged the same prey toward more questionable choices. Sometimes, Samuel won. Sometimes, Rowan did. But there was always someone else to help—or destroy.

When they battle once again over Jeffrey, a newly-turned vampire, the fight takes a different turn. This time, it’s about more than the life of Jeffrey’s girlfriend Tanya, or the people Jeffrey might kill to feed. This time, the fight might just be Samuel’s and Rowan’s last.

LENGTH – 28.800 words / 110 PDF pages

EXCERPT – First 5 chapters.



NOTE – This story was first published in free monthly installments on my website during 2011.

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