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Shades of Pink – A Breast Cancer Awareness Month event

Welcome to my Shades of Pink event!

Every year in October – my birth month – I try to have a special event. This year, I wanted to do something different. I have received tremendous support in my writing in the past years, and I wanted to give back.

As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All this month, I’ll be holding a fundraiser to benefit research. But I don’t just want your money. I want to give, too! Give to you, the readers, and each week I’ll give away signed paperbacks, handmade beaded book thongs and swag, with a last hurrah giveaway on October 31st with a handmade pink ribbon quilt as one of the prizes. Give to the fundraiser, too, and for that I’ll need your help.

Whichever way you decide to participate, thank you in advance!

Keep reading to know how to participate!

~~~ Week 1 winners ~~~

Linda B. – Merriedth P. – Kim S. – Melody H. – Melanie C. – LorettaLynn

~~~ Week 2 winners ~~~

Jen O. – Christina F. – Susan W. – Samantha N. – Kim Y. – Renee B.
And the extra Newsletter winner is Tiffany K. !

~~~ Week 3 winners ~~~

Kimberly W. – Artemis – Sherry G. – Gaele – Melaie R. – Miki



~~~ Big October Fundraiser and Giveaway ~~~

We raised $255 out of a $250 goal! Thank you to the donors and congrats to Kim for winning the quilt!

Blurred Event at Riverina Romantics

The ladies at Riverina Romantics opened their blog to me this past week, with reviews, a guest post and a contest. See what Megan thought of Blurred Nights, Blurred Bloodlines and Blurred Memories or read how this series came to be and score a copy!

Writing Wednesday

Today, the post should be titled ‘editing ‘ rather than writing, because that’s what my week has been like.

I’m getting to the end of the Blurred Memories edits. This round is on actual paper, with a pen in hand and a line by line re-read. When this is done, I’ll create a PDF and the paperback file, and do two last read-through on screen and on the paperback proof. The very last read is the most confusing one of all as i do it backwards, from the last page to the first. It helps me focus on the words rather than the story. Still, the finish line is in sight!

And since I don’t have writing progress to report… why don’t I finish this post with an excerpt from Blurred Memories? Here’s the first page – adult material straight ahead…



Coming soon – new newsletter

I am soon going to discontinue my Yahoo group and start a bona-fide newsletter. The plan is to send it out once or twice a month with all my new releases info, some discount codes and giveaway notices. If you would like to be amongst the first to receive it, please fill out this form: