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Shades of Pink – A Breast Cancer Awareness Month event

Welcome to my Shades of Pink event!

Every year in October – my birth month – I try to have a special event. This year, I wanted to do something different. I have received tremendous support in my writing in the past years, and I wanted to give back.

As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All this month, I’ll be holding a fundraiser to benefit research. But I don’t just want your money. I want to give, too! Give to you, the readers, and each week I’ll give away signed paperbacks, handmade beaded book thongs and swag, with a last hurrah giveaway on October 31st with a handmade pink ribbon quilt as one of the prizes. Give to the fundraiser, too, and for that I’ll need your help.

Whichever way you decide to participate, thank you in advance!

Keep reading to know how to participate!

~~~ Week 1 winners ~~~

Linda B. – Merriedth P. – Kim S. – Melody H. – Melanie C. – LorettaLynn

~~~ Week 2 winners ~~~

Jen O. – Christina F. – Susan W. – Samantha N. – Kim Y. – Renee B.
And the extra Newsletter winner is Tiffany K. !

~~~ Week 3 winners ~~~

Kimberly W. – Artemis – Sherry G. – Gaele – Melaie R. – Miki



~~~ Big October Fundraiser and Giveaway ~~~

We raised $255 out of a $250 goal! Thank you to the donors and congrats to Kim for winning the quilt!

Blurred Event at Riverina Romantics

The ladies at Riverina Romantics opened their blog to me this past week, with reviews, a guest post and a contest. See what Megan thought of Blurred Nights, Blurred Bloodlines and Blurred Memories or read how this series came to be and score a copy!

Writing Wednesday

Today, the post should be titled ‘editing ‘ rather than writing, because that’s what my week has been like.

I’m getting to the end of the Blurred Memories edits. This round is on actual paper, with a pen in hand and a line by line re-read. When this is done, I’ll create a PDF and the paperback file, and do two last read-through on screen and on the paperback proof. The very last read is the most confusing one of all as i do it backwards, from the last page to the first. It helps me focus on the words rather than the story. Still, the finish line is in sight!

And since I don’t have writing progress to report… why don’t I finish this post with an excerpt from Blurred Memories? Here’s the first page – adult material straight ahead…


Continue reading…

Coming soon – new newsletter

I am soon going to discontinue my Yahoo group and start a bona-fide newsletter. The plan is to send it out once or twice a month with all my new releases info, some discount codes and giveaway notices. If you would like to be amongst the first to receive it, please fill out this form:

Big Blurred Bash

To celebrate the release of Blurred Memories, the long awaited and final part of the Blurred Trilogy, I am launching a big contest, which will end just before the release day.

Ten winners will receive signed Blurred Memories swag.

Five more winners will receive their choice of Blurred Nights, Blurred Bloodlines or Blurred Memories in ebook form.

The second-place winner will receive the signed paperback of their choice from the trilogy.

And the first-place winner will get not one, not two but ALL THREE NOVELS as paperbacks!

The contest is open internationally.

To enter, you MUST reply to this post and tell me which ebook or paperback you would like if you win.
You also must give me a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.
Make sure to sign into the Rafflecopter form for your entries to be counted.

For the other ways to enter, please see the Rafflecopter form below.

Good luck!
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On The Edge news

With Before The Edge coming out in a couple of months and Beyond The Edge lurking at the end of the year, I decided to have new covers made for the original trilogy so that they all match. Here’s the cover for the new book… and those for the oldies!

I’ve finished updating the files across the sites, although the changes might take a couple of weeks before they come into effect in some stores. While I was at it, I dropped the prices of the trilogy across the board. On The Edge and Walking The Edge are now $0.99 each, and Over The Edge is $3.99.

Another new thing: if you bought these stories from Alinar, you can now get the Kindle (mobi) file and the Epub as well as the PDF. The Kindle and Epub files are bundled in the zipped HTML file. I’ll be converting more books over the next few months and intend to have all of them available as Epub and Kindle eventually.

And finally… If you read and enjoyed these three stories, I would be really, really grateful if you could drop to your favorite ebookstore or review site and leave a review or give whatever number of stars you think they deserve. All my thanks in advance!

Saturday Snippet #4 – Rules & Rewards (BDSM Romance)

This week’s theme for the Saturday Snippets was ‘something red’. It made me think right away of Mistress Red, the heroine of Carte Blanche and its sequels, Rules & Rewards and Sunshine. Here’s a bit from Rules & Rewards today…


The same deliveryman as the previous day took his signature and handed him, this time, a package that was barely any bigger than his hand. Again, a small inscription on the top gave him permission to open it. Ray tore the tape off with eager hands, and almost dropped the small digital camera he found inside. He turned it between his fingers, puzzled. Blue and silver, it looked brand new. Surely Grace could have made good use of it on her trip, so why would she have left it with him?

He understood when he turned the camera on and saw that there were pictures in the memory. His mouth dry already at the idea of what he would see, he went to lie down on the bed and only then summoned the first picture with a touch of his thumb. Continue reading…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Saturday Snippet #3 – His Sire’s New Pet

This week’s theme for the Saturday Snippets is ‘touch‘. It was just the perfect theme to feature my new release. Now please note this is a M/M/M, BDSM story, so do not click on the continue link if this kind of material is not your cup of tea.

And if you’re an author, we’d love to have you join us for next week’s theme.


Tyler didn’t know whether to be scared or excited anymore. Both feelings were flowing through him like blood with each of his too-fast heartbeats. In a moment, he was sure of it, he would calm down at last, and slip into the proper headspace. But those minutes before the actual play took place, with this new Master laying out his rules and asking questions Tyler didn’t quite know how to answer, had been unsettling. Alan seemed to understand as much, because his voice and touch were soft, gentling when he guided Tyler to the side before helping him lay across his lap.

Continue reading…

Swag giveaway at Madame D’s

Head on over to Madame D’s Boudoir for a swag giveaway from yours truly!

Contest on Riverina Romantics

I’m giving away ebooks and swag on the Riverina Romantics blog for the XXX week!

The contest ends the 15th! Check it out!



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