The Missing Star

The Missing Star

Cover for The Missing StarAs a child, Tina discovered that, like her grandmother, she had a talent for magic, but she never developed her abilities.

After years have passed, she rediscovers her gift on Christmas Eve, and tries to bring back to her for a night the love she had let slip away from her.

But will one more night with Ryan be enough?


LENGTH – 5.500 words / 20 PDF pages



This story was previously released in the anthology Witches Night with the title Under the Spell.

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Excerpt from The Missing Star

“Until the sun rises again and dissipates shadows and illusions, I conjure thee to be by my side.”

She repeated the invocation three times, closing her eyes tight on the third one. The power she had felt a moment ago had dissipated, and she hoped, oh, how she hoped, that it meant the spell had worked and that when she looked, Ryan would be there.

Taking a deep breath, she slowly opened her eyes. Silber mewled and jumped off the table, leaving Tina alone with a ruined picture, overpriced herbs, and a useless book. (more…)