cover for MoonlustThe job was supposed to be an easy one for Captain Kar and his two-man crew: land the Danaus on the deserted moon, appropriate a few boxes of precious chromore, and jump out of the system before the Guardians could get to them. Even Will and Jay’s inability to keep their hands off each other for any length of time should not have been too much of a problem.

They discover too late it’s the laineards’ mating season. The resulting sexual pheromones begin to affect them as soon as they step off the  ship. With Will and Jay losing their minds to lust, and Kar himself blinded by visions of the two men he has wanted for months, things suddenly get much harder than expected.

Their only hope for not ending up in jail is to get out of there before the Guardians find them. Except an open loading dock contaminated the air inside the Danaus. And Kar will have to resort to drastic measures to keep Jay and Will apart long enough to escape…

LENGTH – 25.000 words / 70 PDF pages



RATING – Sizzling

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Excerpt from Moonlust

In the vastness of space, the two ships came together as smoothly as ballet dancers from Fra’is—not that Kar had ever seen any of those. Only the wealthiest members of the Lodge could afford such entertainment. He glanced at the navigation station on his right and wondered if Jay had ever seen a ballet before leaving that world and his last name behind. Jay was humming a fast tune under his breath, his gaze darting over the navigation controls that flashed in front of him.

“Ever gone to see a ballet, Jay?” (more…)

A Breath of Fresh Air

cover for A Breath of Fresh AirFrom Moonlust, a short sequel.

A year after they found each other while under the influence of the pheromones, Kar, Jay and Will return to solar system where it all started for the Fertile Moon Festival… but they might end up celebrating in their own way…


Moonlust in print

Moonlust, my M/M/M space opera, is now available in print as part of the Men In Space Anthology! You can find it notably on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or My Bookstore & More.