No Crayons On The Frontline

Excerpt from No Crayons On The Front Line

Dear soldier,

Only two words in, and here I am, confronting a feeling of oddness as it occurs to me I don’t know to whom I should address this letter. I have written few letters in my life – and by letter, I mean actual letters, the kind where one puts ink and thoughts onto paper to share with another person – and every one of those actual letters went to someone I knew beforehand, someone whose face I could picture, someone who I was sure would be able to hear my voice when they read my words, who would know when I was trying to be humorous or understand references to a shared past. And so, I find it difficult to write to you today without knowing your name or age or even whether you like long missives or will already be bored by the time you reach this point. (more…)

No Crayons On The Front Line

Cover for the epistolary novella No Crayons On The FrontlineWhen Samuel gets his class of elementary students to write letters to soldiers fighting on the demon invasion front line, the children coax him into doing the same. Lieutenant Williams soon answers his letter, and it’s only the beginning of a long exchange of thoughts, anecdotes and feelings. This long-distance relationship is bound to change when they meet in person… Will they each be true to what they showed through their words?

– 30.000 words


RATING – Sweet/Sexy

NOTES – The story is told entirely through letters and notes. As such, there is no ‘on screen’ bedroom scene, but the protagonists do write explicitely about their fantasies, hence the dual rating. Also, if you read the Shades of Pink Anthology 2014, the story will sound familiar. I was so taken by the characters that I reworked that short story and tripled its length.


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