Cover for SnapdragonsWhen Rhea arrives in Miami, she has nothing to start her life over, not even her memories. The past five years have disappeared, erased by her own magic. Or at least, that’s what the letter says—the letter that claims vampires killed everyone she cared for—the letter written in her own hand and signed with her name.

Clinging to knowledge of magic she doesn’t remember acquiring, she finds a job, a place to live, and tries to rebuild her life. The sudden reappearance of Peter, her first crush, brings back joy in her new existence. He also brings back vampires, in the form of his long-time lover Kaelin.

Can Rhea truly live again with part of her past lost to her, or is Peter right when he says she’s strong enough to get her memories back—and see her world shattered again?


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Excerpt from Snapdragons

She knew she ought not to think too much of it; Peter was probably a little sorry for what had happened to her, nothing more. Still, she couldn’t help seeing more in his smiles, his dinner invitations, and the small comments about how her hair looked better like this, shorter and with red highlights she didn’t remember putting there. He had even called her cute tonight. She wished she had dared to use the credit card she’d found in her wallet, so far only pulled out to buy a few working clothes when she first arrived. If she had sexier clothes to wear, maybe having dinner together would turn into proper dates, and then who knew what—

Steps coming closer behind her pulled her out of her thoughts with a jolt. (more…)

Podcast: excerpts

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