Souls Night

Souls Night

Cover for Souls NightTo be allowed to join the Fighters who protect her village from fierce demons, Mierna has to go through the woods on Souls Night in search of a weapon. What she finds, instead, is a strikingly attractive vampire who once kept her people safe along with his now lost clan.

To her surprise, Elden gives her the sword she had come to steal, and when she asks, he accepts to teach her how to use it. In exchange, she offers him a few mouthfuls of her blood.

Hundreds of years after the Pact between her village and Elden was broken, it is a very different relationship that Mierna develops with the handsome but taciturn vampire; and when saying goodbye becomes too difficult, unexpected allies might help convince him that she’s not the child he would like to see in her–not a child, but maybe a Childe.

LENGTH – 22.000 words / about 70 PDF pages




NOTE – This book is part of The Vampire Pacts, but all books in this series are standalone and can be read separately.

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Excerpt from Souls Night

As quietly as she knew how, she continued to approach. There were six lights, now, their glow even brighter as the moon had disappeared behind dark clouds, and she could see a shadow hovering around them. Her mouth suddenly very dry, she stepped always closer. The shadow stood less than twenty feet in front of her, and Myrna frantically tried to recall what she had heard of Souls Night. The souls wouldn’t hurt her as long as she left them in peace. They might try to show her images. But she couldn’t remember anything that told of shadows lurking over the souls. Was it protecting them, maybe? Or was it something different, something much more dangerous—a demon?

Just as the idea struck her mind, Myrna walked on a dried branch. She felt it snap before the cracking sound reached her ears, and she winced. This wasn’t good. She hadn’t wanted to be noticed by whatever was there, a few feet away now, but it was too late. The shadow was growing, turning toward her. A flame wavered in front of the tall shape, its light reverberating in fiery eyes. Myrna’s blood turned to ice in her veins. Cold beads of sweat rolled down the back of her neck. The shadow took a step toward her, and she reacted without thinking.