The Vampire’s Concubine

The Vampire’s Concubine

Cover for the Vampire's ConcubineMeriel has no desire to attend Master Aidan’s party. She doesn’t want to play the game of seduction for which her sire groomed her. She can’t imagine binding herself for ten years as his concubine. Despite her lack of efforts and to her dismayed surprise, Aidan chooses her. She is just as surprised to realize he knows what other mission her sire gave her – to kill him.

Her first day with Aidan, however, reveals a reality much different from the servitude she expected. Free to say no to him, she finds that she just might not want to. Nonetheless, saying no to her sire could be more difficult…

LENGTH – 15.000 words / about 50 PDF pages



RATING – sexy

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Excerpt from The Vampire’s Concubine

Meriel didn’t say a word until he had closed the master suite door, shutting out the party so that only a rumbling echo of the music still reached them. She stood, immobile, and looked at the bed for a moment before turning accusing eyes at him.

“It’s not fair,” she said, her voice shaking the tiniest bit. “You demand that the candidates not feed for a week, and then you bite me and give me only a taste… All that so I’ll be too weak to defend myself!”

Surprised by the resentment in her words, Aidan stared at her for a couple of seconds before laughter bubbled to his lips. “Not my idea,” he said simply. (more…)

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