A closer look at the Compulsion Cycle

Most of my vampire stories take place in the universe I established in my first stories, with a past in the Vampire Pacts series, a present with the On The Edge and Special Enforcers series, and a future with the Demons Age series

But this is a different universe! After ten years of writing vampires with the same ‘rules’ I wanted to shake things up a little and play in a new sandbox.

In the Compulsion Cycle, unlike my usual universe, the human world is not aware that vampires are real. Vampires drink blood and their physical appearance remains the same as it was when they were turned, two ‘classic’ rules, but sunlight is not deadly to them—although they can get bad sunburns if they remain in the sun for too long.

One of their ‘powers’ is that they can compel humans to do exactly as they are told with nothing more than a look and a few words. With eye-contact, they can also enter a human’s mind—or rather, draw a human into their mind—and share an elaborate fantasy with them that looks and feels entirely real.

The first story I created in this universe is the Ward of the Vampire serial, which is available as one complete ebook or five installments, the first of which is free. Narrated by the human heroine Angelina, it shows her try to untangle the life and emotions of vampire millionaire Morgan Ward after she is compelled to live in his mansion.

The second story is a companion to Ward of the Vampire, though both serials stand on their own. In the Serenade serial, we follow vampire Irene, a secondary character from Ward of the Vampire, as a human and his vampire companion work their way into her life despite her best efforts to remain unattached.

Another story in this universe is Biting The Vampire, which is a standalone erotica story with BDSM elements. In this short story, Amara meets a vampire on the first evening of her vacation and she isn’t shy about telling him what she’d like to share with him…

Coming soon, a new serial featuring Delilah, a secondary character from the Ward of the Vampire and Serenade serials.

cover for Ward of the Vampire - Complete Serial
Ward of the Vampire
Complete Serial

Long Novel - Sexy - M/F
Cover for Serenade Serial
Serenade - The Complete Serial
Novel - Sexy - MF, MFM
Cover for Biting The Vampire
Biting The Vampire
Short - Sizzling - MF
cover for Ward of the Vampire
Ward of the Vampire
Short - Sexy - M/F
cover for My Reluctant Warden
My Reluctant Warden
Novella - Sexy - M/F
cover for Awkward Holidays
Awkward Holidays
Novella - Sexy - M/F
cover for The Coward's Way Out
The Coward's Way Out
Novella - Sexy - M/F
cover for Homeward
Novella - Sexy - M/F
Cover for Overture
Short - Sexy - MF
Cover for Encore
Short - Sexy - MF
Cover for Ensemble
Short - Sexy - MF, MFM
Cover for Accelerando
Short - Sexy - MF
Cover for Serenade
Short - Sexy - MF, MFM