A closer look at the Special Enforcers Series

Throughout the world, vampires and humans coexist in peace, with Special Enforcers punishing those vampires who break the rules and kill humans. Sometimes, however, Special Enforcers take an interest in their prey that is more than purely professional…

In the universe of my books, Special Enforcers are responsible for maintaining the peace between vampires and humans. A large part of their job consists in killing vampires who are proven murderers, but they also revoke invitations given to vampires to enter a house, and are supposed to help vampires who are being targeted by humans.

This series is my way of putting a twist on the tragic lovers: Special Enforcers and vampires are natural enemies and, as one of them says it, should know better than to fall in love with each other. Knowing better, however, doesn’t always stop them. The stories are linked by a common theme, but unless otherwise noted they are standalones and can be read in any order.

CheckMate was my first novel, and my first re-invention of a traditional romance storyline: the forced marriage. A forced spell binds a Special Enforcer and a vampire with unbreakable ties they have to learn to live with…and eventually enjoy.

Carte Blanche allowed me to explore the BDSM lifestyle, especially the domination and submission part of it. As in many of my stories, the heroine is a very strong woman – Grace is a Special Enforcer, and the dominant in her relationship with the submissive vampire Ray. But don’t let the word ‘submissive’ fool you… Ray is strong in his own right, and a far cry from a weakling!

I had so much fun writing Carte Blanche that the characters demanded sequels. The first was a short story. Rules & Rewards is all about the absence making the heart grow fonder… and other body parts grow harder! A second sequel, Sunshine, explores Ray’s and Grace’s feelings after Ray experiences a tragic loss. Finally, Switching Sides shows them trying to adjust to new dynamics when Ray puts on the mantle of Dominant for one evening.

Writing Baby Steps was indulging myself… Who doesn’t like to see a strong man, here the sexy and dangerous vampire Joseph, be brought down to his knees by a little bundle of joy? Things are complicated by the fact that Alexandra, baby Marian’s mother, is a Special Enforcer, and she has broken Joseph’s heart in the past, but tentative steps slowly bring them together around Marian.

His Lover’s Fangs is a short story, but it took me an extraordinarily long time to write. It started as a piece of flash fiction, just a thousand words or so that I wrote after asking my readers for prompts. Over the next couple of years, I kept coming back to that small bit of story, and adding to it, trying to figure out more about the characters. In the end, they showed me how they had met at the Academy while training to become Special Enforcers, how they had loved each other, and how they still loved one another even now that the heroine had become a vampire…

Under His Skin is a bit of a departure for the series, as it features two members of a Special Enforcers agency, Nathan and Joshua. Colleagues, childhood friends, friends with benefits… their relationship takes a different turn when, for a few hours, they swap bodies thanks to a magic spell and get to see the world—and each other—through a new perspective… This story is available as part of the Love & Magic bundle.

Cover for CheckMate
Novel - Sizzling - MF
cover for Baby Steps
Baby Steps
Long Novel - Sexy - MF
cover for His Lover's Fangs
His Lover's Fangs
Short - Sexy - MF
cover for Love and Magic
Love & Magic
Bundle - Sexy - MM
cover for Carte Blanche
Carte Blanche
Novel - Sizzling - MF
cover for Rules & Rewards
Rules & Rewards
Short - Sizzling - MF
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Short - Sizzling - MF
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Switching Sides
Short- Sizzling - MF