A closer look at the Visions of Destiny Series

This series is set in the same universe as the On The Edge and Special Enforcers series, and some characters will make small, or not so small, appearances.

What I am trying to do with the Visions of Destiny is to explore those moments that change the rest of our lives, those crossroads that seem innocuous at the time, but that transform everything.

The series shows a New Year’s Eve party thrown by Daisy. At her friends’ request, she invited a seer she is acquainted with, Sam Woods. When Woods kisses someone, man or woman, he is able to show this person a vision of their future, and more precisely a vision of the key decision that will shape their romantic life.

Each story is constructed the same way. We first see the party through Daisy’s eyes, as she goes back and forth between her friends and Woods. If at first she is rather hostile towards Woods, whom she believes is a charlatan, she soon begins to understand what he does and why. We then see the vision Woods gives one of her friends in each book, and finally return to the party when the vision ends.

In the First Vision of Destiny, Alicia has to admit to her husband that she has been allowing vampires to bite her – and why.

In the Second Vision, Lydia goes to her vampire lover on Halloween night and allows him to turn her into a vampire.

In the Third Vision, Joan discovers her husband’s fantasy, and reenacts it for him as a Christmas gift.

In the Fourth Vision, Mike finds a lover for one night… or maybe longer.

In the Fifth Vision, Brett offers rings to his vampire lovers Leo and Lisa… or at least, he tries to.

In the Sixth Vision, Cathleen struggles with her love for a much younger man.

In the Seventh Vision, Rachel tries to reconcile the two parts of her life: the quiet, normal girl and the BDSM subsmissive.

In the Eighth Vision, Brad tries to move on with his life after losing his wife.

In the Ninth Vision, Jack awakens with fangs in his murderous Sire’s bed.

And in the Final Vision, Sam finally gets a peek into his own future…

cover for First Vision of Destiny
First Vision of Destiny
Short - Sexy - MF
cover for Second Vision of Destiny
Second Vision of Destiny
Short - Sexy - MF
cover for Third Vision of Destiny
Third Vision of Destiny
Short - Sexy - MF
cover for Fourth Vision of Destiny
Fourth Vision of Destiny
Short - Sexy - MM
cover for Fifth Vision of Destiny
Fifth Vision of Destiny
Short - Sexy - MFM
cover for Sixth Vision of Destiny
Sixth Vision of Destiny
Short - Sexy - MF
cover for Seventh Vision of Destiny
Seventh Vision of Destiny
Short - Sizzling - MF
cover for Eighth Vision of Destiny
Eighth Vision of Destiny
Short - Sexy - MF
cover for Ninth Vision of Destiny
Ninth Vision of Destiny
Short - Sexy - MF
cover for Final Vision of Destiny
Final Vision of Destiny
Short - Sexy - MF
Cover for Visions of Destiny
Visions of Destiny
(complete series)

Long Novel - Sexy/Sizzling