Coming soon…

A peek at my work in progress folder

Dragon and Phoenix Shifters series: Firelands Wars
After Mated and Exiled, I’m now working on part 3 of the series, tentatively titled ‘Stolen’.


The QuickSilver Codex
Part 4, Duels, is in preorder and will be released in late August. I’ve started outlining part 5, with a release tentatively scheduled for mid 2018…


On The Edge
Will there be a sequel to deal with the aftermath of Beyond The Edge? Definitely. When? That is the question!

I am also planning a sequel to Maybe Another Time.


Compulsion Cycle
After meeting Miss Delilah in the Ward of the Vampire serial and the Serenade serial, I’ve decided to feature her in a serial of her own. My newsletter subscribers voted to give her two heroes! I plan to start publishing her story starting in October 2017.


Demons Age
Readers have been asking for a sequel to the trilogy His Dominant Sire. I shall deliver!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!