Coming soon…

A peek at my work in progress folder

Dragon and Phoenix Shifters series: Firelands Wars
A dragon bit my muse… Mated, the introduction to the series, was released as part of the Prowlers & Growlers box set. Part 2, Exiled, will be released later this month.

The QuickSilver Codex
Part 4, Duels, is in edits and will be released in August 2017. I promise not to take as long to release part 5…

The Edge / Out of the Box
Will there be a sequel to deal with the aftermath of Beyond The Edge? Definitely. When? That is the question!

Delilah’s serial
After meeting Miss Delilah in the Ward of the Vampire serial and the Serenade serial, I’ve decided to feature her in a serial of her own. My newsletter subscribers voted to give her two heroes! I hope to start publishing her story before the end of 2017.

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