A closer look at the Demons Age Series

In a maybe not so distant future, Earth is under siege from beast-like demons. They come through ‘rips’ or ‘breaches’ between their dimension and ours, and seem to want nothing more than to kill and destroy – and, on rare occasions, kidnap. To combat these demons, vampires and humans have allied, returning to ancient weapons such as swords and axes, the only weapons that can wound demons. And sometimes, in the middle of endless fights, these alliances turn into something more, and love blooms in the most unlikely places…

In Fangs & Lullabies, and the companion story Demons & Lullabies, I wanted to explore the very beginning of the demon invasion, how it affects the families of fighters, and even give clues as to what caused it. The story shows two vampires, Andrew and Nicholas, raising a child whose existence only became possible when his mother rediscovered old, forgotten magic.

One Last Lullaby is the sequel to these two stories, and focuses on a grown-up Jacob when he takes an unexpected trip to the demons’ world with no other than his ex-girlfriend.

In His Sire’s New Pet, His Sire’s New Game and His Sire’s New Rules, the story focuses on two vampires and their human pet, all three of them taking part in the fight against demons and needing to relieve stress in very particular ways…

No Crayons on the Front Line shows the growing relationship between a fighter on the front line and a civilian, all through letters and notes.

Anterograde belongs to the Demons Age series but in this novel the characters are doctors, one step removed from the fight against demons. When Calden loses the ability to form new memories, to love and to be loved becomes a battle in itself.

In Aria and Will, I wanted to show the fight against demons from two points of view. Vampire Wilhelm has been fighting demons for so long, he doesn’t quite remember why he fights – until he meets a bright-eyed child who reminds him how precious life is. It’s this same child, after she becomes a grown woman, who pushes him into accepting bigger responsibilities. Ariadne, on the other hand, knew she wanted to become a fighter from very early on, and she never wavers, not even after she is turned into a vampire. Her only hesitations concern Will, and what she feels toward him.

The Blurred Trilogy (Blurred Nights, Blurred Bloodlines, Blurred Memories) shows the beginning of the victory against demons. Two vampires, Blake and his Sire Marc, redefine the reasons why they fight demons and the nature of their relationship as they join a group of human fighters and fall in love with one of them, the fierce and fearless Kate. In the midst of war, despite fights, injuries and betrayals, a three-way courtship takes place, bringing Kate closer to both men. However, when demons kidnap one of them, the emotional upheaval that follows puts everything in question again…

cover for Fangs & Lullabies
Fangs & Lullabies
Long Novel - Sexy - MM
cover for Demons & Lullabies
Demons & Lullabies
Long Novel - Sexy - MM
cover for Forgotten Lullabies
Forgotten Lullabies
Short - Sexy - MM
cover for One Last Lullaby
One Last Lullaby
Novel - Sexy - MF - MM
cover for Blurred Nights
Blurred Nights
Novel - Sexy
cover for Blurred Bloodlines
Blurred Bloodlines
Novel - Sexy
cover for Blurred Memories
Blurred Memories
Novel - Sexy
cover for The Blurred Trilogy
The Blurred Trilogy
Bundle - Sexy
cover for Aria & Will
Aria & Will
Novella - Sweet - MF
cover for Anterograde
Novel - Sexy - MM
cover for No Crayons On The Front Line
No Crayons On The Front Line
Novella - Sweet/Sexy - MF
cover for His Sire's New Pet
His Sire's New Pet
Short - Sizzling - MMM
cover for His Sire's New Game
His Sire's New Game
Short - Sizzling - MMM
cover for His Sire's New Rules
His Sire's New Rules
Novella - Sizzling - MMM