A closer look at the On The Edge Series

The city of Haventown, on the West Coast, is famous for being one of the most welcoming places for vampires in the United States, and the club On The Edge might be the best place in town for vampires and humans to mingle. Or at least, that’s the universe I set up when I wrote my first novel, CheckMate. In that book, the characters visited the club, and there was a mention of the owner and his vampire lovers. I didn’t know when I wrote that line that it’d be the trigger for an entire series!

The On The Edge series tells about the club’s owner, the human Brett, his business and life partner the vampire Lisa, and their lover, a bartender at the club and a vampire, too, Leo.

In Before The Edge, we see Brett and Lisa meet and form a relationship that goes from sexual only to business… to more? This story is first chronologically but it was written out of sequence because readers asked to know how Brett and Lisa had met.

In the short story On The Edge, Lisa brings a former lover, Leo, into their bed. This is the story I wrote as a response to that throwaway line in CheckMate. I just meant to get the characters out of my head… but they decided they needed more than a one-night romp!

The sequel Over The Edge shows the three of them find their place with each other even as a dark figure from Lisa’s and Leo’s past looms over them. This story has some darker themes as Lisa’s and Leo’s Sire exerts his power on them in less than subtle ways…

Another short story, Walking The Edge focuses on Brett and Leo as Brett demands more control over Leo’s life. What can I say, I was on a Domination/submission kick at the time I wrote this!

Fifth Vision of Destiny belongs to this series as well as the Visions of Destiny series, and shows Brett offering rings to his lovers and eliciting wildly different reactions from each of them.

Out of the Box and Living Out of the Box feature Brett, Lisa and Leo as secondary characters only, as the story is about Virginia and the vampire Anando who meet at the club and, through a succession of encounters and sexy bedroom games, slowly explore their sensuality and ultimately fall in love.

Beyond The Edge is a novel that crosses over Brett, Lisa and Leo’s story with the couple from Out of the Box and shows five characters trying to redefine their relationships when a baby unexpectedly enters their lives.

Three other stories are set in this series, complete standalones with On The Edge serving as the background and catalyst for hero and heroine to find each other:

Forever Starts Now shows a normal woman thrown in extraordinary circumstances where love spans generations and “forever” has a very literal meaning. She will have to find out who she is before she can get her “happily ever after” with the man of her dreams…

Forget Ever After is a short story about star-crossed lovers who find each other again at the club… but one of them has changed since they last met.

Dare I? is another short story, this one about a woman who decides to be daring, and who finds the unexpected when she visits On The Edge.

Maybe Another Time is a novella about a young woman who conquers her fears and discovers her self-confidence after meeting a vampire at the club…

Cover for Before The Edge
Before The Edge
Novella - Sexy - MF
Cover for On The Edge
On The Edge
Short - Sizzling
Cover for Over the Edge
Over The Edge
Novella - Sizzling
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Walking The Edge
Short - Sizzling
cover for Beyond the Edge
Beyond The Edge
Novel - Sizzling
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Out of the Box
the complete series

Novel - Sizzling
cover for Living Out of the Box
Living Out of the Box
Novel - Sizzling
cover for Life On The Edge
Life On The Edge
Bundle - Sizzling
cover for Anando's Journey
Anando's Journey
Bundle - Sizzling - MF - MFM
cover for Forget Ever After
Forget Ever After
Short - Sexy - MF
cover for Dare I?
Dare I?
Short - Sexy - MF
cover for Forever Starts Now
Forever Starts Now
Novel - Sexy - MF
cover for Maybe Another Time
Maybe Another Time
Novella - Sexy - MF