Phoenix Shifters

Burning Violet

Cover for Burning VioletNo love burns hotter than a pyromancer’s…

For five months, Idris has languished in a government detention center for paras—people with paranormal abilities. No more. He’d rather die trying to escape than spend one more day in this hell. Today, he’s getting out, and he’ll set anyone who stands in his way on fire.

It was just another mission for Violet: help her squad free paras from unjust imprisonment and get them safely to Sanctuary. However, when she’s caught between her leader’s orders and the sudden realization that one of the prisoners might be her mate, this phoenix shifter needs to choose between duty and destiny.

On the run from the authorities, Idris only has one thing in mind: revenge. He doesn’t mind that Violet insists on accompanying him, though… after all, he’s been celibate for far too long. But when he realizes why she’s so interested in him, he can’t run away fast enough. Even running into danger on his own is preferable to yielding to love…


LENGTH – 39.000 words


RATING – sexy

NOTE – The Lick of Fire Collection gathers stories from from twelve bestselling authors. Enter this supernatural world of fire and heat, magic and adventure, and get lost in everything dark, delicious and fire.

Burning Violet, a phoenix shifter and pyromancer romance, is a complete stand-alone novella. It belongs to the Fiery Blooms series, with Sharing Hazel and Saving Marigold, other stand-alone stories, being released later this year.

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